Is There a Viable Photoshop Alternative Coming Soon?

Everyone who uses Photoshop for a living knows that there aren't really any viable alternatives.  Adobe has done a great job at keeping this market all to themselves.  Once Adobe switched to their Creative Cloud subscription model it upset a lot of us photoshop users and we did a fair amount of research seeing if there was possibly another option for us.

We found, simply, there was not.  We tried GIMP, Pixlr, Paint.Net, etc...  While they were great programs they simply could not offer the same set of features and tools that we require our image editing software to have.  Don't get me wrong — it's not like we are planning on switching away from Photoshop anytime soon, however it would be nice to know that we had options.  And it was a little disheartening to learn that we, in fact, did not.

That is, until recently.

Welcome Affinity Photo to the conversation.  From the makers of the best Adobe Illustrator alternative on the market, it's clear they are taking a full run at becoming a realistic and viable alternative to Adobe Creative Cloud (an InDesign alternative is in the works as well).  At a price point of $50.00 for the full version (compared to Creative Cloud's 50.00 per user per month) the cost savings for a company our size would be huge.  Now we just have to make sure it can perform how we need it to.

Yes, we have downloaded it.  Yes, we have tried it.  Yes, we are pretty excited about it's capabilities.  It's not ready yet — it's still in BETA (and FREE to try currently) but it's exciting.  It has CMYK, support for RAW files, ICC Color Management, ability to import and export PSDs , etc., as well as a majority of the tools and functionality that we use in Photoshop.

We will definitely be keeping our eye on this software to see how it develops.  It's hard to imagine a day where we are not working in Photoshop - but who knows, if Affinity Photo keeps progressing, that might be a distinct possibility. 

Read what Lifehacker has to say about it here!

In the mood to test it out and let us know what you think?  Get it here!