What is Digital Media?

Businesses looking to create pause within the endless scrolling of social media users often turn to digital media to attract attention. Digital media is an ambiguous term that involves blending elements of photography, video, and CGI to add motion to a static image to create eye-catching animated GIFs, 360-degree videos, and more. As a result, digital media better engages social media users in a way that traditional photos can’t at a size and cost much less than a full-blown video production. Below, we’ve explained what the different types of digital media services we offer entail.

Time Lapse

Have you ever seen a video of the clouds or sun shooting across the sky quickly? That was a type of digital media called a time lapse. There a few ways to do this but essentially a camera is set up on a tripod and takes a picture after a specific amount of time has passed. It then repeats this process over and over and over. Eventually, you take all the images and play them back much faster than they were originally captured and voilà - super fast forward!


Cinemagraphs are images or videos in which a minor or repeated movement occurs while everything else in the scene remains still. This type of digital media is perfect for featuring a specific person or product.

Animated GIF

An animated GIF is a type of computer file that can simulate animation or the look of a video by taking many frames and playing them one after the other, often looping infinitely. This type of digital media is preferred over a traditional video file due to its smaller file size.

Freeze Time

Freeze time is a video technique where time appears to freeze in a scene while the camera still moves around looking at the objects and subjects of the scene while frozen. These digital media projects can be difficult to execute thanks to a combination of video and CGI, but they can be extremely interesting to the viewer and lead to higher engagement.

360-Degree Videos

With the resurgence of 3D VR Headsets, such as the Oculus Rift, the use of 360-degree videos have recently exploded. This type of digital media is often shot with a specialized 360 rig and multiple cameras that capture every angle. Each image is then stitched together in a single post. Popular video platforms such as Facebook and YouTube now allow you to upload 360-degree videos that allow you to "look" around by dragging your mouse around or view through a VR headset to get the full effect.

Stop Motion

Stop motion is an animation technique where an image is taken, something is moved slightly (either the subject or camera) and then another image is taken. This form of digital media created the illusion of movement when all the images are played together in a sequence.

Digital Media Services

When you market on social media, you need something that will stand out. TRG Multimedia is a Cleveland, Ohio multimedia production company that helps businesses reach their target audience through digital media. In addition to our digital media services, TRG offers comprehensive video, photography, and CGI services to take your marketing efforts to new heights. Contact us today to start your next digital media project.