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Here it is! Round 4 of How'd You Get Here? This time we talk to the wonderful folks who manage your projects through our studio.  They make sure we get it all done on time, under budget (fingers crossed) and delivered to you. They actually do a whole lot more than just that - but you can read about everything they can provide for you here.


Why production? Well, to be honest, I never thought it was a possibility.  To think that just a little over a year ago I was an intern at TRG for photography still blows my mind. I’d like to attribute a strong work ethic, the desire to work in a creative field, and pure chance to explain my position. In college, I initially wanted to be a marine biologist. Coming from a family of scuba divers, discovering & learning about a whole unknown part of the world fascinated me. It still does! Unfortunately, I’m not a very good at test taking & decided to switch paths by transferring into Ohio University’s School of Art. I suppose I always had a way of turning my hobbies into a career in the hopes to work in an environment that brings happiness & creativity. Intentionally not picking a specific major, I found having a little bit of knowledge in multiple areas to be more efficient in life than keeping all my focus in one subject. A quality I believe helps greatly in the production world. Although I wouldn’t consider production to be a passion, it allows me to incorporate all aspects of my artistic abilities & be surrounded by those with the drive to make really awesome things. Having started out as an intern, I’ve been able to experience & understand all aspects of what it takes to make a photo shoot happen. One of my favorite parts of this job is seeing how it comes full circle. Being able to carry a project through the entire way makes the end result so much more gratifying. Granted I’m young & still figuring it out, but the best part about this field is that there’s always a new challenge and there’s always an opportunity to learn. 


My previous work experience has led me to my current role as a Project Manager here at TRG.  After finishing college with an emphasis in marketing, I started my career in the advertising world as an account coordinator which has led me down the road into project management/production services. (Side bar: If you saw my room as a child you would never guess that I would turn out to be a very well organized individual, but that is a story for another time.) Over the years, I've worked on numerous accounts (sometimes several at one time) managing client expectations, budgets, timelines, objectives/deliverables, creative and production. I've come to have a real talent for keeping projects and teams organized, and on track to help create amazing results for clients. During those years at the agencies I started working for a client managing their catalogs and photo shoots. After a few years with this experience I realized I very much enjoyed that aspect of the industry and found my self in a position to work for a photo studio full time.  I started out as a marketing specialist for the studio, but based on their needs found myself doing more project management work which I truly enjoy.  I now manage all projects for photography, video and retouching departments at the studio and work with a fabulous group of people everyday. 


Unlike many of our wonderfully talented & creative photographers, retouchers, and CGI artists, I had no childhood aspirations of becoming a Traffic & Project Manager. My journey here to TRG Reality was a series of small steps that culminated in my position today.

I had a keen interest in photography since high school. In college, I took a black & white photography class as an elective and that cemented that interest. After college, I ended up working for a very large school photography company in their data department; selecting the best pictures, cropping them, and putting in package orders. I became the assistant manager, and later manager of the department. Faced with managing a department that had 600+ jobs in 3 months and had to keep close to 1 million images organized, I had to quickly become adept at managing the chaos. After working there for several years, I saw an opening for CGI Traffic & Project Manager here at TRG Reality. It was an exciting opportunity and challenge, applying the skills I had honed previously managing a large volume of jobs with quick turnaround whilst being able to work in a creative environment. It’s been a great time and it’s awesome to see the amazing work these talented people produce on a consistent basis. 

While these folks are not involved with the creative aspect of your project, they are just as vital to the success. These are the folks who keep your project going, they get your assets delivered on time and they do everything possible to save you time and money. We simply cannot do what we do without them.

How do you handle the project management aspects of your projects?  Let us know in the comments below. Also - feel free to read our previous blogs in this series. PhotographersCGI Specialists, and Retouchers.