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CGI #throwbackproject

The first project I ever worked on (which remains one of my favorites to this day) was a room-set animation project for a new client that TRG had just started a relationship with. The project was for an international company that makes Interior Mouldings and Doors and they had some pretty cool concepts and ideas, however, I don’t think anyone on the team knew exactly what to expect when the project launched. I certainly didn’t see it being as beautiful or fun as it turned out to be.

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If you read our blog last year, you know that Derrick Nau (CGI Specialist here at TRG) is heavily involved with SIGGRAPH (Special Interest Group for GRAPHics and interactivity).  This year Derrick was the Posters Chair (Something we went into great detail about in last years blog) for SIGGRAPH which took place August 9th - 13th in Los Angeles, CA. As soon as he returned from his week hanging out with the "who's who" of CG and VFX I was able to sit down with him and have a little chat about what he saw, what he learned, and most importantly what Pixar was up to (everyone loves Pixar).

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Motion Graphics: Take it to the Next Level

In recent posts, we have brought to light many of TRG’s services and abilities, from photography to CGI to film, but one aspect we have yet to explore in depth is motion graphics. For those of you who may not be entirely familiar with this process, motion graphics is exactly what it sounds like: text and shape animations that are added to a video to help relay information. In this piece, TRG Video Editor and Motion Designer Bobby Dorrance explains the varying degrees of this communicative art form.

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