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Geometry Global | AAPEX Project Spotlight

We have said time and time again that we are obsessed with amazing imagery. It's not just a tagline we tell people; we have a building full of people crazy for amazing images. When we get a call from a client with a very unique or interesting concept for images, it sets the studio abuzz with excitement. We want to share a really cool project with you that did just that recently.

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Mona Lisa Spec Composite Project Spotlight

From time to time TRG is asked to do spec images for our clients that they then use to try and get approval for a job. Whether we pass on jobs like these or accept them depends on many factors. These projects are usually pretty basic proof of concepts, but sometimes they are more than that. We'd like to share a project with you that we did recently that was particularly notable.

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Knox Marketing & Genesis Healthcare Photography Project Spotlight

If you follow us on Facebook and Instagram or read our blog, you know that we often speak about all different kinds of imagery. From CGI to Digital Media360sVR, and Video - we are capable of doing it all. However the thing that ties us all together (besides our love of imagery) is that we are all photographers. Our CGI artists, our retouchers, video editors, and compositors have been trained in photography.

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