TRG Reality's Picks for Top Cleveland Photography Studios

We love Cleveland! It’s made quite the comeback in recent years, and there are some great things to do and see around this interesting city. From PlayhouseSquare to urban gardening and, of course, the good ol’ Cleveland Browns (hey, we actually have a shot at the playoffs this year!), Clevelanders are definitely not lacking on stuff to do and see. 

With a great city comes great businesses, and we’re lucky to share Cleveland with some terrific photography and video studios. The studios we’ve listed below put the pressure on us here at TRG Reality to work hard every single day and produce amazing imagery. In other words, they keep us on our toes.

Each of the studios on this list are terrific within their niche market, and they deserve recognition for that. One of the cool things about TRG Reality is that we’re a one-stop shop, meaning we can handle all of your imagery needs right here under one roof. Need a video? We’ll take care of it. Need some CGI work? Yep, we can do that, too. Product, lifestyle or food photography? Say no more! Download the TRG Reality portfolio here.

But enough about us. We’re not the only fish swimming around the Great Lakes region. Without further ado, these are our picks for top photography (and video) studios in Cleveland:

Kalman & Pabst

Kalman & Pabst is a nationally recognized, full-service commercial photography and video studio right here in Cleveland, Ohio. The folks at K&P do excellent food photography. But it doesn’t end with food. Kalman & Pabst also excels at product and lifestyle photography and retouching. 


DPI “creates and delivers engaging digital stories for their customer’s products and services.” DPI’s portfolio is chock-full of product photography, mostly outdoorsy products, like riding mowers and snow blowers. 

Russell Lee 

Russell used to work here at TRG Reality, but he left to do his own thing about 12 years ago. The guy is incredibly talented, and we respect him to the moon and back. Russell Lee focuses mostly on lifestyle photography. He doesn’t just take pictures, he captures moments, and he’s really good at it. 

Think Media Studios 

Think Media is a leading video and event production company in the Cleveland area that has produced video and multimedia assets for a variety of uses. Think Media has done work for some huge brands, like Nestle, Ohio State University and our very own Cleveland Cavaliers. 

Yasaki Photographic

Yasaki Photographic is another great Cleveland-based photography studio. Excellent lifestyle photography, product photography, location photography and portraits. Yasaki also publishes some highly impressive photography to his personal Hipstamatic account. 

Again, we’ve called out the studios above because each one puts the pressure on us to stay at the very top of our game. That pressure has helped us find, and gain, the extra edge on every single project we tackle, and we’re lucky to work in this great city with other talented and creative artists. 

Have you used the services of any of the photography or video studios listed above? Is there anybody we missed who you believe should’ve made the cut? We’d love to hear your comments below!