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Transitioning From Traditional Photography to CGI

Years ago, Doug Kiley joined the TRG Reality team as a photographer and went on to do terrific work in that role for many years. But eventually Doug discovered the need for a greater challenge. He wanted to push himself. Challenge himself. Grow. And instead of ignoring these feelings, like so many of us do, Doug made the decision to pursue a new and difficult path.

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Is CGI delivering a knockout punch to the commercial photography industry?

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Lifestyle Photography: An Overview

You’ve likely heard the phrase “lifestyle photography” before, but maybe you’re not 100% sure what lifestyle photography actually is. If that’s the case, this blog post is just for you! Let’s begin at the beginning: what is lifestyle photography?

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8 Steps to Breaking Into the Photography Industry

Intern season is upon us! When the snow finally melts, the sun peaks out behind the clouds and everybody packs up their parkas, we know here at TRG Reality that we’re about to be inundated with internship resumes. We currently have three former interns on staff. All three were at the top of their intern class, and essentially made themselves indispensable to the studio. The photography industry can be very, very difficult to break into, so here are eight pointers that will help you get started as a professional photographer.

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Battle of the Prosumer Camera: The Sony RX1 Vs. The Fujifilm X-Pro1

Clients often ask me for recommendations on prosumer (professional + consumer) cameras. The truth is, though I keep myself updated on the latest professional photography technology, I haven’t stayed informed about some of the lower level camera models.

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Pre-Production: Laying the Project Groundwork

By definition, pre-production is anything that happens before the day of a shoot. And if you do it right, your shoot day should go very smoothly. Pre-production meetings are the meetings where all of your planning is accomplished. They may not be as lengthy as the Papal conclave, but there is a lot of subject matter to cover. They are an imperative part of the entire project so that you can make sure you get everything you need or want out of the images.

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Tips On Determining Talent Costs

Looking to hire talent? Follow these guidelines to determine talent pay for video, print, and voice overs.

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Lighting: Why It's Critically Important for your Photo Shoot

According to research by Samsung, more than 2.5 billion people own digital cameras. And I’ll bet if you ask them, 2.49 billion of those people will claim to be great photographers. 

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CGI vs. Traditional Photography

The type of photography you use depends on what you’re shooting and what your overall objective is. Here are the benefits of CGI vs. real photography.

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TRG Reality: Medical Mutual Ads for Cleveland Browns

Last fall TRG Reality teamed up with Wyse Advertising to create kiosk ads for Medical Mutual in Greater Cleveland.  The ads featured the signature look of our favorite football team’s colors and helmet stripes.

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