How We Did It: The Tempest Composite

Compositing images can be very difficult. Imagine taking 20 different images and combining them in a way that creates a new and totally different image.  Those 20 original shots may be taken at different times of day, with different cameras, from different heights, with different light sources, and different color balances and so on. Not only do you have to cut out tiny pieces of each photo and painstakingly put them all back together into a new photo - but you also have to make sure the color, lighting, perspective etc... all match - so there's no signs that the image is fake. All of this work goes into the image before you can even begin the "normal" retouching that needs to be done.

While compositing projects may be the most difficult, it's often our favorite.  It's the type of project that really challenges you and is the most rewarding once it's completed.

Check out this video below - where one of our retouchers composites a pretty intricate image made for Great Lakes Theatre's "The Tempest."

Pretty sweet, right? Let us know what you think in the comments below.