Knox Marketing & Genesis Healthcare Photography Project Spotlight

If you follow us on Facebook and Instagram or read our blog, you know that we often speak about all different kinds of imagery. From CGI to Digital Media360sVR, and Video - we are capable of doing it all. However the thing that ties us all together (besides our love of imagery) is that we are all photographers. Our CGI artists, our retouchers, video editors, and compositors have been trained in photography.

This is important because everything we do revolves around light. The more we understand light and how it works - such as studying the tiny nuances of how light acts - the better we can make your imagery.

So while we may talk about all these different types of imagery, photography is and always has been our first love. With that in mind, we recently worked on a really cool photography project with the folks at Knox Marketing and Genesis Healthcare that we'd love to share.

Photography and Image Compositing for Knox Marketing and Genesis Healthcare

We were recently contacted by Knox Marketing with an exciting concept. The idea involved a series of images that would show what everyday objects feel like to people with orthopedic injuries. We would take pictures of people doing an everyday task, like using a hand mixer, and make the object much larger in post in order to demonstrate how difficult that product is to use for someone suffering with this condition.

The main question we had once the concept had been explained to us was how to pull off the extremely large products. There were three options. We could build them, use CGI for them, or shoot them in a way where they can be made larger in retouching. After some discussion, we decided it would be the most cost effective to make the products large in retouching.

What We Did for Them

While shooting, it was very important that the photographer capture all the layers needed by the retoucher. The items that would be enlarged had to be shot in multiple layers with the talent moving their hands each time. This enabled us to piece together the whole product without the talent's hands in the way. We then had the ability to place the talent's hands exactly how we needed them to be when the objects were made much larger.

The other detail that was very important for the retoucher is that the talent had to be holding onto something that was about the same size as what the final object would be. This gave them a good reference for how the hands would look and how they would be positioned while holding something of that size. It also worked as a great reference for shadowing and how their hands react to the specific light of the scene.

Once all the layers were shot it came down to the retoucher putting it all together and making it look fantastic. The most work had to be done to the stairs image. The original shot was a very small staircase (about 4 steps tall). The retoucher not only had to extend the staircase up and build a landing - but the entire right hand side wall didn't exist either and needed to be built. The floor below the talent also didn't exist and had to be built out. In the other images, all of the items being held were pieced together from multiple layers and then made much larger. The talent's hands and arms were separated out and moved around to help sell the fact they were actually holding these objects. After all the extensive building and compositing were completed for these images, the retoucher did a general clean and color and they were finally done.

Providing Results with Photography

There's always one sure-fire way to know if the client loved your work. They ask for more! The original project started with three images and after seeing them, they were so happy with the results that they added the fourth image to the project. We couldn't be happier with how they turned out as well. We have already started using them for own marketing material and presentations. We hope to see more of these images in the future - we would love nothing more than to have the opportunity to make many more of these images. From concept to execution, this was one of those dream projects.

Check out the images below and let us know what you think!

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