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Case Study: SummaCare

“I have worked with TRG for over 20 years on more projects than I can remember. During that time, they've never let me down and have always exceeded my expectations. I can count on their professionalism and attention to detail on every project. The quality of their work is exceptional, and our clients have always been thrilled with the end-result." 

Randy Godding – President & CEO Knox Marketing 

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Case Study: Smith's Ice Cream

"We’ve always trusted the quality of work that TRG delivers on photography projects. We were looking for something unique with this packaging project to capture our vision for the brand position, which is ‘Tradition that you can taste.’ There are some packages that you’ll see where the food doesn’t feel very natural, where it seems forced, fake, or artificial. We didn’t want the SMITH's ice cream to be made from fondant or mashed potatoes or anything; we wanted the real ice cream. We wanted to capture it with that little bit of melt or drip to give it this appetite appeal and we knew that we could trust TRG to deliver on that."

Jeff Monter, Principal of Creative Services at Innis Maggiore Group, Inc

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Things Remembered Digital Media Project Spotlight

TRG is constantly producing all types of multimedia for our clients. On any given day in the studio you can find us working on a wide range of projects, including computer generated room setsfantastical composite images, and anything in-between. Digital Media is a relatively new specialty (don't know what we mean by Digital Media?) but we have already done quite a few exciting Digital Media projects. We worked on a great one recently with Things Remembered that we'd love to share.

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Innis Maggiore CGI Project Spotlight

TRG is constantly producing all types of multimedia for our clients. On any given day in the studio you can find a wide range of projects we are working on. E-commerce product photographyfull scale video productions, and anything in-between. A bunch of us at the studio will tell you composites are our favorites both to look at as well as work on. We did a pretty amazing composite recently that we'd love to tell you about.

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How We Did It: The Tempest Composite

Compositing images can be very difficult. Imagine taking 20 different images and combining them in a way that creates a new and totally different image.  Those 20 original shots may be taken at different times of day, with different cameras, from different heights, with different light sources, and different color balances and so on. Not only do you have to cut out tiny pieces of each photo and painstakingly put them all back together into a new photo - but you also have to make sure the color, lighting, perspective etc... all match - so there's no signs that the image is fake. All of this work goes into the image before you can even begin the "normal" retouching that needs to be done.

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Adventures On Set: High Point Regional Hospital

At the end of August, we sent senior photographers Adam Wilde and Thomas Cook down south to High Point, North Carolina for a photo and video shoot at High Point Regional Hospital. What was supposed to be a routine location shoot began with a series of calamities we couldn’t make up if we tried. Still, after the wacky and frightening road trip in the “sketchy” company van, our photographers had an incredible time working with the clients and producing some truly amazing work, thus proving that no matter the obstacle, we shall overcome!

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Gizmodo and the Future of CGI: Did They Get it Right?

At the end of August, the popular technology blog Gizmodo posted an article titled “Why IKEA’s Mostly Computer Generated Catalog Will Soon Be the Norm,” which you can check out here. In summation, the piece cites the Swedish furniture and home décor giant as making the transition to a mostly (and soon to be all) CGI product catalog. The blog highlights the cost effectiveness and relative ease of modifying on a computer, as well as underlining how CG techniques have come a long way. Quite often people can’t even tell the difference between what is real and what is rendered, which is exactly what companies like IKEA are aiming for. Needless to say, this article caught our attention – we even posted it to our Facebook page. After reading the piece, we naturally had our own reactions regarding this growing trend.

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The Rainey Institute

As a Cleveland based company, we feel it is extremely important to be fully immersed in our community, from other local businesses, to our sports teams, and to our charitable organizations. In July, we had the great fortune of doing a shoot at one of our favorite locations – Cleveland’s own Rainey Institute, located at 1705 East 55th Street. This non-profit organization is a community center dedicated to tapping into young minds through the world of the arts.

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