Custom Sets

If you need a custom set for your multimedia project, TRG Multimedia can help you create the perfect scene for your photo or video shoot. TRG provides custom set building services that allow you to tailor every detail of your set from the ceiling to the floor.

Our custom sets allow you to attain the exact look you want, whether you have an exact set in mind or want us to customize a set based on reference photos or specific inspirations. We can build sets up to 18-feet tall and match any setting, from home interiors or exterior environments catered to the specific weather conditions you need.

Co-Op Your Custom Photo or Video Shoot

Thanks to TRG’s extensive number or clients and creative partners, we can facilitate co-op projects that allow you to enjoy the benefits of custom sets at a lower cost.

Co-op sets allow you to partner with other companies in exchange for assets like cabinets or lighting that add to your custom set. In exchange, these provided assets can help you save hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the scope of the project.

Custom Multimedia Solutions Through TRG

Your company deserves the best possible solution for your budget and timeline. We have the experience, creativity, and wide range of multimedia services to handle all your needs in-house, so you don’t have to work with multiple vendors. In addition, our conveniently-located set warehouse makes it easier and more cost-effective to ship your products.

At TRG, we build more than custom sets – we provide custom solutions. Let’s talk about your upcoming projects to see if a custom set might be the right solution for you.