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5 Situations Where You Shouldn't Skimp on Retouching and Refinement

As a former retoucher I generally see the need for every single image to be retouched to some degree. There are so many subtle things that can be done to improve the attractiveness of an image that it just seems silly to me to not take advantage of it. However, if you were to pin me down and list the five projects that need to be retouched no matter what, I'd give you the following examples.

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Geometry Global | AAPEX Project Spotlight

We have said time and time again that we are obsessed with amazing imagery. It's not just a tagline we tell people; we have a building full of people crazy for amazing images. When we get a call from a client with a very unique or interesting concept for images, it sets the studio abuzz with excitement. We want to share a really cool project with you that did just that recently.

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TRG Makes Room For All Those Rooms [Case Study]

"Honestly, the project seemed insurmountable - we had to build and shoot 28 sets in 2 weeks. TRG had the capabilities, organization, and attention to detail to not only pull it off, but execute it perfectly.  Not only that, but we had a great time doing it. From top to bottom the whole group was amazing."

Matt Metzger

Account Supervisor | The Adcom Group

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10 Basic Color Facts You Need to Know

When it comes to imagery, be it photography or CGI, it is always helpful when our clients understand the basics of colors. With this knowledge, we can better communicate with each other regarding the processes and final product. Having a grasp on the fundamentals of color will help empower clients and provide them with the tools they need to better communicate their ideas and suggestions. Below are 10 basic color facts to keep in mind when planning your next project. There will be a quiz after you’re done reading this, so take notes. 

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Top 6 Tools for Color Accuracy

In the photography industry, a properly color-managed system is a must-have. A retoucher needs the ability to place the physical product next to the digital image on the monitor or the hard-copy printed image and have matching colors. If they determine the colors aren’t quite right, they need the ability to confidently make edits on their computer without any second-guessing that it won’t turn out right.  

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TRG Reality Has a Spectrophotometer and We'll Use It!

In the “olden days of film” it was the professional photographer’s responsibility to give their clients transparencies that had perfect color. It was easy to hold it up to a light table and know if the color was right or not. But of course you can’t do that with a CD. And to make it even more frustrating, most photographers don’t take responsibility for the CMYK color accuracy of their files, saying that’s the printer’s job.

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TRG Reality Room Sets: Yes You Can Have that Oriental Rug!

For quite some time now, the TRG Reality CGI department has not only created consumer products but also full room sets for clients such as Moen, Hoover, Blue Star, and Kichler.  CGI room-sets allow for the versatility to make changes to any part of the room at any time without the hassle or expense of having to reconstruct a room set in studio; and because the rooms are computer generated, our clients have an unlimited prop and construction budgets.

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TRG Reality Goes Retro with Big Chill

Big Chill is a Colorado company that had us use CGI to render their new line of stoves coming off the assembly line as we speak. Big Chill makes modern home appliances with a retro twist but their tricky retro colors were no match for our CMYk matching capabilities. The retro-themed appliance company didn’t have product to shoot, so we computer generated the images in an effort to help them go to market faster.

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