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Green Yellow and Red Stand Mixers

Mathematic Accuracy & Consistency in CGI

We like to think that we produce breathtaking photography, but there are limits to what can be done when the agenda is the replication and consistency of a single image. That’s where our expertise in CGI comes into play.

Skull Spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Derrick Nau

Derrick Nau is TRG’s newest CGI Generalist. We wanted to know a little bit more about what makes this bearded artist tick, so I peppered him with questions about his work, life, and hobbies.

Speeding  Leaf Car

Transitioning From Traditional Photography to CGI

Years ago, Doug Kiley joined the TRG Reality team as a photographer and went on to do terrific work in that role for many years. But eventually Doug discovered the need for a greater challenge. He wanted to push himself. Challenge himself. Grow. And instead of ignoring these feelings, like so many of us do, Doug made the decision to pursue a new and difficult path.

Everlast Boxing Gloves Fight


Is CGI delivering a knockout punch to the commercial photography industry?

Red Gray and Black Controller

7 Simple CGI Steps For a Killer Industrial Design Project

A lot of people hear the acronym “CGI” (computer-generated imagery) and think about Hollywood blockbusters or the latest video game for PS3. This idea isn’t totally inaccurate, but it does imply that CGI is some big, scary and expensive process. It doesn’t have to be! CGI is very technical, which can be nerve-wracking for our potential clients and customers. In today’s blog post, we want to clear up some common misconceptions about CGI by providing a step-by-step guide of TRG Reality’s CGI process.

Wood And Blue Mudroom Hallway

Pre-Production: Laying the Project Groundwork

By definition, pre-production is anything that happens before the day of a shoot. And if you do it right, your shoot day should go very smoothly. Pre-production meetings are the meetings where all of your planning is accomplished. They may not be as lengthy as the Papal conclave, but there is a lot of subject matter to cover. They are an imperative part of the entire project so that you can make sure you get everything you need or want out of the images.

CGI Process Of Bathroom

CGI 101: What Is CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) and How Does It Work?

CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) is often used in videos and print media. Learn how TRG can create CGI images for your next multimedia project.

Door handles of different colors

CGI vs. Traditional Photography

The type of photography you use depends on what you’re shooting and what your overall objective is. Here are the benefits of CGI vs. real photography.

Alac Duck Lifting Weights

TRG Reality and the Aflack Duck!

Just when our CGI team thought they’d seen it all, we were challenged to make the Aflac duck not only water-ski but also rock climb, lift weights, and read a map in the sidecar of a motorcycle.

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