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Wide lifestyle shot of Kirby vacuum by TRG Multimedia.

Project Spotlight: Past History and Combined Services Help Kirby Get More Content at Efficient Cost

Kirby needed a lot of new content to launch their new ecommerce website. Learn how TRG combined our services and past work with Kirby to save them money.



When it comes to a CGI project, the pre-production is one of the most important parts. It’ll take a huge chunk of your time and your budget if you decide to make changes in the final hour. Rendering takes time, and re-rendering takes even more time, and re-re-rendering takes even more time, and ... well, you get the picture.

light bulb

Project Spotlight: TRG Makes Current's New Light Brands Shine with Dynamic CGI Sizzle Reel

Current wanted a sensational sizzle reel to showcase their two new brands. Find out how TRG turned a challenging concept into a sleek CGI animation.

Dining room

CGI Rooms Need Stylists Too

From watching home renovation shows on TV, everyone knows how important it is to have an excellent designer style a room perfectly. The design team at TRG creates beautiful physical spaces in our studio daily as they work and re-work our sets to fit our client's needs. However, some commercial photo and video projects must be created in a virtual environment. For these rooms, built entirely in a CGI world, the input and creativity of the stylist are just as important.


The CGI Process: From Concept to Render

It takes several steps to take an initial concept and turn it into a fully rendered CGI image or animation. Find out what it takes to create CGI assets.

Project Spotlight: Using CGI to Turn Moen’s Online Product Showcase into a Virtual Reality

Project Spotlight: Using CGI to Turn Moen’s Online Product Showcase into a Virtual Reality

Moen wanted to create a stunning, digital showcase for both CES and KBIS. Learn how TRG delivered impressive virtual, CGI showcases on a tight deadline.

Magenta background with accessories and hearts

Seasonal Photo and Video Shoots: 5 Ways to Setup Your Holiday Assets for Success

Stunning photo and video assets are essential for the holidays. Find out what you can do to avoid potential challenges for your business’ holiday assets.

Door handle and lock broken down in pieces

Six Pros of Using CGI for Your Business

Sometimes CGI is just what your business needs. Here are six ways that CGI services can be beneficial for your organization.

2 people talking in business meeting

Why Discussing a Multimedia Solution is More Helpful to You Than Simply Asking for an Estimate

We’re often asked to provide estimates on multimedia projects without having a proper discussion about them first. Learn why this does you and your project a disservice.

Multiple pieces of frames

CGI #throwbackproject

The first project I ever worked on (which remains one of my favorites to this day) was a room-set animation project for a new client that TRG had just started a relationship with. The project was for an international company that makes Interior Mouldings and Doors and they had some pretty cool concepts and ideas, however, I don’t think anyone on the team knew exactly what to expect when the project launched. I certainly didn’t see it being as beautiful or fun as it turned out to be.

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