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TRG's Virtual Production Revolution: LED Walls and Unreal Engine Transform Filmmaking in 'Peripheral'

In an era where the lines between reality and digital artistry blur, TRG stands at the forefront of innovation. Last year, we made it our goal to explore the world of virtual production, a domain where technology meets creativity, pushing the boundaries of traditional filmmaking. Our recent project, 'Peripheral', serves as a testament to our innovative spirit and technical prowess. At TRG, we're not just using cutting-edge technology; we're redefining it.

The Importance of Sharing Your Budget

There are many project parameters, but the two most prominent that help to build the box in which we create solutions are budget and timeline. These two tell us what we can and can’t do effectively and efficiently by the launch date.

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When it comes to a Video project, the pre-production is one of the most important parts. It’ll take a huge chunk of your time and your budget if you decide to make changes on set or during editing. The last thing you want is to have to do a re-shoot on something that could have been captured the first time around.

Tyson 1672

Animal Talent: Dog Casting Tips and Best Practices

Ready to cast a dog for your brand’s next photo or video project? Learn more about casting dogs and best practices regarding amateur and professional dogs.

Interiors Living Room

Props to the Design Team

A set would just be a few boring walls if it weren't for the props. Think about your favorite room in your home and the big and little pieces you've added to it over time. It's these elements that make an empty room into a welcoming space.

Pink chairs in dining room

Plants Can Play a Critical Role in Designing and Styling Your Photo or Video Shoot

Plants frequently play a vital role in a stylist's vision to create stunning environments and bring their designs literally to life.

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Large Project Management: Successful Processes for Large-Scale Photo and Video Production

The bigger the project, the more chances there are that something can go awry. Large-scale photography and video productions are complicated projects that require a lot of organization, communication, and delegation to ensure success.

Fortunately, TRG Multimedia has been around the block a few times. We’re no strangers to massive multimedia productions, so we know just how much it takes to oversee and complete everything from start to finish. Let’s break down what an ideal large-scale photo or video production looks like and what types of processes we put in place to make massive projects run as smoothly as possible.

remote photoshoot editing photos on two computers

4 Ways to Streamline Remote Photo and Video Projects for Your Business

Remote photo and video shoots are becoming the norm for businesses across the country. Find out how you can make your projects more efficient and effective.

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Script vs. Outline: Which is Better for My Video Project?

The original draft for video projects can come in all shapes and sizes. Find out how your initial script or outline impacts your business' video.

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Case Study: SummaCare

“I have worked with TRG for over 20 years on more projects than I can remember. During that time, they've never let me down and have always exceeded my expectations. I can count on their professionalism and attention to detail on every project. The quality of their work is exceptional, and our clients have always been thrilled with the end-result." 

Randy Godding – President & CEO Knox Marketing 

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